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Income Tax

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In India, direct/personal taxation is governed by the Income Tax Act, 1961. It covers various provisions, rules and regulations for determination of tax liability on income earned, payment of taxes, filing of returns etc. To avoid interest and penalties levied by income tax department, correct determination and timely payment of Income Tax and their subsequent filing of Income Tax Returns is very essential.

At Radiwis, we provide you with personalized tax consultancy services. We identify your needs to find best possible solutions based upon our experience and domain knowledge.

Dedicated CA Support
Post return filing Support
NRI Taxation

Hassle free Tax Refund solution
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"Plan A"- Salary or House Property Income "Plan B"- Capital Gain Income "Plan C"- Income from Business or Profession "Plan D"- Foreign Income
499/- All Inclusive 799/- All Inclusive 1199/- All Inclusive 1699/- All Inclusive
Salary Everything in previous Plan Everything in previous Plan Everything in previous Plan
House Property Capital gain from sale of shares, Debentures & Property Income from business and Profession (Turnover below 1 Crore) Income earned outside India
Other Sources Winning from lottery and other speculative income Income earned for NRE, NRO A/c

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